Our first appointment  is for you to decide what you want to work on and what approach we can use that will address your goals and wishes. Theresa relies on the Choice and Partnership approach to be providing services to children/youth/couples and families. This means at our first appointment you will identify the goals that you want to work on. We will review these regularly in an outcome focused way while focusing on strengths. We want to enhance and strengthen your internal locus of control while insuring that how you are supported is both developmentally and culturally appropriate(York, Kingsbury ,2013.p 69).

Once we determine goals we will agree on a model of intervention. Can you benefit from Play Therapy approaches, Theraplay (or other attachment enhancing interventions) EMDR, CBT, DBT, grief and loss counselling, short term solution focused interventions, or psychoanalytic approaches? There are lots of options and you get to determine which one fits your needs.

We will review progress at the end of each session in preparation for termination. 

Some clients engage in therapy for a specific amount of sessions and then come back for booster sessions periodically.

Contact Theresa to set up your first Appointment so you can decide if she is the clinician that is a match for your needs.  These are the different counselling opportunities.

Marriage Preparation

Theresa is currently licensed to officiate weddings, celebration of life ceremonies, baby naming ceremonies and fostering/adoption commitment ceremonies in the Province of Ontario.
At this time in the Province of Nova Scotia, she can provide you and your partner with marriage preparation counselling.
How do you communicate? What are your shared values, beliefs and goals. Do you intend to grow your family? How do you manage stress? What are your financial goals? When we discuss these topics in advance our relationships become stronger.

Parenting Preparation

Theresa is currently certifying with Doula Training Canada as a Childbirth Educator , Birth Doula and Post Partum Doula. These trainings provide her with more tools to help the parent / couple prepare for this very exciting time in their families.


Theresa has trained for many years in Child Centred and Directive approaches of Play Therapy to support children who are experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief and loss, attachment challenges etc. She has published many articles/book chapters on the effectiveness of Play Therapy. She has gained additional training in Trauma and Grief and Loss. She will combine Play Therapy approaches with EMDR(Rapid Eye Movement Desensitization) which is another evidenced based intervention. 


Adolescents can be dealing with many issues that are getting in the way of their day to day functioning. They can experience depression/anxiety/ grief, or have trauma histories that warrant a post traumatic stress disorder diagnosis.  

Theresa also uses a variety of approaches to work with adolescents who may also be struggling with gender identity. She is trained in Hormone Replacement Therapy Letters according to WPATH guidelines. She also has experience working with youth who sexually offend.



Adults may also want to engage in Sandtray Therapy. This versatile approach can become part of a short term solution focused intervention, trauma treatment ( with EMDR) or is psychoanalytic. Theresa can help you decide what approach would be address your goal to feel better. She can support you to address concerns across the lifespan. In 2015 Theresa completed a specialization in Thanatology.  

Couples and Families

Being a member of a couple or parent in a family is not always easy.

Theresa can provide support to couples and parents within parent education group formats or meeting with just your family. She has also completed LEVEL II Theraplay. This approach is very successful for parents that are looking for ways to help their child self- regulate.

Older Adults 

Theresa is currently completing her Phd research on the use of Sandtray Therapy with older adults who may be socially isolated.

Changing Steps services can be provided across the lifespan using the best tools that match your goals for therapy.

York, A., Kingsbury,S.(2013). The choice and partnership approach.Surrey, UK: Short Run Press.