The SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation) Home Study protocol is utilized by all Children's Aid Societies and Child Welfare Agencies in Canada. Theresa completed her SAFE Home Study training in Ontario. Prior to this she trained in the use of the OARTY ( Ontario Residences Treating Youth) Home Study Protocol in order to assess and approve potential foster families. Theresa is currently applying to provide this service in Nova Scotia for families that are completing private or international adoptions. 

When she is approved to provide this service by the Nova Scotia Government - this announcement will be posted here.

Theresa has worked intensively with adoptive families providing them with therapy and  support in order to prevent adoption disruption in increase /enhance attachment based parent /child relationships. 

She and her husband are adopters so she understands what it feels like to be put under a microscope. 

She brings her personal and professional expertise to the SAFE Home Study process.

Fees for SAFE are consistent with other Nova Scotia Home Study providers.