Belly Binding Personal Service  $100. 
Theresa is the only DOULA in Pictou County currently providing this postpartum service. You could invite her to your next BABY SHOWER!

Belly binding also known as Bengkung is a traditional Malaysian belly binding method. The mother is wrapped with a long strip of cloth snugly around the abdomen during postpartum recovery period. The wrapping process helps the abdominal muscles during the postpartum healing process. Theresa will make a home visit and show the mother ( partner) how to wrap the cloth so it is comfortable and provides support. If the new mother is agreeable,Theresa will first use spices and massage these on the belly. 

A belly bind can help the postpartum birthing parent feel:

  • supported while transitioning back to her pre-pregnancy body 
  • less in discomfort due to straining that can initially occur while carrying or lifting baby(s). 
  • increased back support while breastfeeding 
  • supports internal organs 
  • abdominal wall retraction and diastasis recti recovery
  • closing and reshaping of hips and ribs
  • decreased postpartum bleeding time
  • pelvic floor support
  • spinal realignment

Used in combination with the belly binding is an herbal firming paste that is applied to the belly and torso area and covered with a thin cloth to protect the wrap and mother's clothing before the belly is wrapped. 
The firming paste is made with 100% natural organic ingredients: cardamom, cinnamon, clove, cumin, ginger, kaffir lime, nutmeg,  & turmeric. When used in combination these can have warming properties that stimulate blood flow to the area on and around the abdomen. This can result in the firming, toning, and strengthening of the internal stomach muscles as well as the loose abdominal skin. The ingredients also stimulate the body to release retained water in the tummy and torso area.

Optimal Time

Vaginal Birth:        24hrs postpartum 
Cesarian Birth:     no sooner than 2 weeks postpartum following a cesarean birth.  The belly bind is                                 most effective during the first 8 weeks postpartum. 

Suggested Schedule
Week 124 Hours a Day
Week 2Remove Every 3 hours
Weeks 4+As needed


In addition to Theresa's psychotherapy/ counselling certifications, she is a Certified Stillbirthday Doula/ Chaplain. She is also a certifying Doula Training Canada Doula and ChildBirth Educator.